Real-Time Feedback System


» Save costs
» Increase staff productivity
» Increase resource allocation efficiency

Patient feedback is important, but is different to a business because unless you’re a private health care provider, it’s likely the patient will be back no matter what experience you provide. So how does Texsys create a positive ROI?

By using Texsys, a health care provider can lower the number and therefore cost of formal complaints it will receive by allowing patients and their families to give feedback easily and on the spot while still in the hospital. Around 60% of people will not give feedback using current ways because:

1) It’s not worth the trouble of filling out a form
2) They don’t want to create a fuss by confronting a staff member
3) They don’t know how or can’t locate a point of contact

This allows the patients and families to raise a concern immediately and vent some of their feelings on the spot, rather than the issue escalate into a formal complaint which demands staff time and resources. This also allows patients and their families to give feedback about positive experiences and staff members. By rewarding these staff members mentioned, staff morale and loyalty is increased, allowing for a higher staff productivity.

Monthly or quarterly reporting identifies feedback trends and bechmarks departmental performance, highlighting what areas require increased resources. All feedback is processed and categorised into over 50 DHB specific categories for bechmarking and ease of interpretation. These categories have been developed through our collaboration and experience with DHB’s nationwide.