Real-Time Feedback System


Q: What exactly is Texsys?
A: Texsys is a Christchurch based start-up company that started out in 2008 with an idea to develop an easier method to get good, honest feedback from customers so businesses could understand what their customers really thought of their service. Being mobile geeks, it wasn’t hard to develop an innovative solution. We soon realised that it wasn’t just hospitality that were interested in what their customers thought and are now operating in a range of sectors in the public and private sectors with our customer feedback and market research tools.

Q:Why is it needed?
A: Kiwi’s just don’t complain because it’s either too confrontational or it’s just too difficult. This behavior is deeply rooted within our culture, so there’s not a lot that’s going to change anytime soon. Texsys provides innovative research tools to manage the behavior rather than try and have people change.

Q:What products are available?
A:There are two main products available with a bunch of added functions: The customer feedback feedback text message tool allows a customer to send their verbatim comments which can be analysed for sentiment in real-time. Let’s imagine an unhappy customer sitting in a restaurant that has just finished their meal. While the customer would like to tell the staff of the problem, they don’t want to cause a fuss. Instead, the customer leaves the restaurant only to tell family and friends how bad it was. Not only will the customer not come back, but their brand will also be damaged possibly resulting in further loss of business. Ouch! If that customer could have sent a simple text message with their comments, the business would have been able to get back in touch with them in a matter of minutes to resolve the issue and have the chance to recapture them. The text message survey tool allows businesses to get deeper input from customers with pre-set questions for analysis in real-time. The survey can either be initiated by the customer by texting a keyword to a number, or the survey can be pushed to the customer at a set time. When a customer responds to a survey question by text, the sequential question is sent. This technology allows for the capture of an increased amount of data ‘on the go’ for display in real-time. In addition we have added functions such as a real-time service recovery system, real-time sentiment report, opt-in database, net promoter® score and more. If we don’t have it already, we can build it!

Q: We are already in touch with what creates the highest level of customer satisfaction.
A: Texsys is not only for Detractors feedback. It is also a very useful system for identifying why customers enjoy your business. The feedback received is very useful for identifying outstanding members of staff and rewarding them accordingly. This reduces staff turnover and increases the customer experience. If you do consistently deliver high service, it is even more important to indentify any issues before they escalate into larger problems.

Q: Is a text message big enough for customers to get their point across?
A: Most people can make their point in a couple of sentences and far within the 160 character limit. Usually customers want to get straight to the point. A single text message allows plenty of room to do this.

Q: We already use feedback/survey forms, what is the advantage of using text messages?
A: Feedback/survey forms are often bias in how they are worded and customers are often reluctant to fill them in. Text messaging offers an easy and fast way to submit top of mind feedback and allows for speedy follow up communication with the customer. Nowadays, people take their mobile phone with them nearly everywhere they go.

Q: We want to run a promotion to reward customers who text in; how do we set this up?
A: A simple and effective way to reward customers who text in their feedback is to offer a reward in exchange. This can be done by changing the automatic text reply that is sent to customers. A reward can be offered in the message e.g. "Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate hearing from our customers. To say thanks, show this text next time you dine in and receive 20% off your purchase."Contact us to arrange this service.